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Need for cadre restructuring to the Postal Staff under Group - C:-

At present the promotional channel for P.A cadre to LSG is not beneficial . The PAs are getting promotion to Grade pay of Rs2800/- (LSG grade pay) even though they are drawing pay in grade pay Rs.4200 /- and above. The so called promotion is granted with a note that those who are drawing more G.pay of Rs.2800/- no need to fixation of pay. This seems to be a paper promotion and most of them are declining this promotion at the edge of their retirement. Similarly HSG-II and HSG-I promotions. Hence this cadre may be restructured.

The Position of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I Posts of A.P circle as on 25.02.2008 is follows.
On after implementation of POSTMASTER cadre the position is changed as:-
Present status: The Ministry of Finance has been approved the Cadre restructuring and implementation by the department.

The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :

1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %
2. Number of HSG II posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %
3. Number of HSG I posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %
4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)
5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle Office and SBCO in the same ratio
6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of promotion.

1. The Post of SPM in Single and Double Handed Post offices will be placed under 2800/- Grade Pay ie All LSG and I MACP officials would man the offices.

2. The Post of SPM in Triple Handed and LSG Post offices will be placed under 4200/- Grade Pay ie All present HSG II / MACP II officials would man the offices and Posts.

3. The Post of HSG I and HSG II would be merged and placed under Grade Pay of 4600/- and be granted 4800/- on non functional basis after 4 Years.

4. The Post of Existing Postmaster Cadre officials will be modified in light of the same on approval of the Cadre Restructuring...
The Present Postmaster Grade -I Offices are likely to be placed under the Grade Pay of 4200/-
The Grade I Posts are likely to get ungraded to Grade II , creating wide opportunity for the Postmaster Cadre Official to get promoted to Grade II and Placed within the same division.

The Present Grade II offices are likely to be placed under 4600/- Grade Pay creating more number of offices for HSG I and II officials.

The Norms of the Postmaster Grade III Offices would be modified so as to identify 1/3rd of the merged HSG I and II for Postmaster Grade III.

As per this cadre restructure came into force the increase in posts are likely to be

Promotion is not meant for seniority cum fitness, at the same time the cadre should be strengthened by increasing the LDCE cadre i.e Postmaster cadre to face the present technological and banking challenges. 

** On after implementation single /double handed office should be filled by PAs with 10 years of service (MACP-I) / Postmater Grade-I officials by granting G.Pay Rs.2800/-.

** The Post of Triple handed/ LSG (present) / Postmaster Gr-I upgraded to G.Pay of Rs.4200/-. All HSG-II /MACP-II / Postmater Grade-II officials will be filled.

** Present HSG-II & HSG-I posts are merged. Similarly PM Grade-II and PM Grade-III posts are merged to grant G.Pay Rs.4600/- Their G.Pay after 4 years will be Rs.4800/-

It is clear that the cadre is Restructured by :-

1) Increasing the Number of Posts so that the promotional channel is widen.
2) Providing opportunity to work in same divisions.
3) Maintaining balance in promotion through seniority and LDCE .
4) Giving more financial strength to the cadres.
5) The irregularity in LSG promotions rectification.
6) Full utilization of Human resources.
7) Removal of work burden on juniors.
8) More pay more responsibility
9) Quick Promotions.
10.Scope for occupancy of posts on promotion.
Date of Implementation:- This will be announced by the Department through O.M. for effective date.
Note:- The above information and given figures are only rough calculated figures.


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